Teeth Whitening, Drugstore Style

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have perfect teeth. After a tumble onto the bath when I was 8, and three years of braces in my teens, I’m left with a bit of wonky-ness here and there. But hey, it adds character, and since I’m English there’s no great expectations when it comes to teeth (according to the rest of the world anyway…). But even so, everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and I thought I’d give teeth whitening a go. Being the cheap-skate that I am, I thought I’d start at the bottom and go for a cheap set from Superdrug. Being a teeth whitening virgin, I had to start somewhere, and I didn’t really fancy shelling out a pretty penny for something that might have no effects whatsoever. I’m also pretty conscious of sensitivity, and didn’t want to go for something so strong that I’d never be able to enjoy ice cream again.

So I went for the Brilliant 1 Week Tooth Whitening Kit, which only cost £5.59. The cheapest of the cheap. But for that price, I wouldn’t feel too bad if I didn’t see amazing results.


The kit claims to make your teeth ‘up to 4 shades whiter’ in a week, as well as having a gentle formula. You could use it up to twice a day (I used it every morning and sometimes again in the evening) for a week. The procedure was pretty straightforward, ad it only took 5 minutes every day, so was easy to fit in to my routine.

So the big question is: did it work? Well, the good news is, I haven’t noticed any increased sensitivity. The bad news – I haven’t really noticed much else either…





Looking at these shots, ironically my teeth actually look a little bit lighter before (I put that down to lighting). It’s possible there’s a slight (extremely slight) change, but nothing noticeable. No-one’s commented about my teeth, and I’ve seen no difference. The only plus side is that I haven’t had an embarrassing Ross from Friends moment, but I am a little disappointed. I’d set my sights on a lovely Hollywood smile, but this product was ever going to achieve that for the price I paid. So if you’re thinking of going for a whiter smile, maybe shelling out a bit more is the only way. I’m tempted to try again with the stronger stuff, but at the end of the day I’m not sure it’s worth the time, effort and money. After all, pink lipstick makes as much of a difference, if not more, than this product did, so maybe it’s just another excuse to invest in a few more tactical lip products!


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