Bath & Body Works – Peach Bellini Candle Review

My boyfriend recently went to the US, and with him he took about a metre long list of the things I wanted him to pick up for me. As I had suspected, he failed to find most of the bits I wanted. He did, however, manage to find himself to a Bath & Body Works and pick up a candle for us to try out. I’ve heard many a good thing about their candles, and since I’ve really gotten into candles recently, I thought it would be an opportune time to give them a try.


One of the things I like about letting my boyfriend pick out things for me is that he often buys things I would never go for, but end up loving. In this case, he chose the Peach Bellini flavour candle – a scent I would never get myself. I am generally into very warm, spicy scents, and this one is very sweet smelling and candy-like. But I like it. It’s a nice change from the more winter-y scents I’m drawn to, and the sweet-as-hell smell matches the cute-as-a-button marshmallow colour. Basically, he picked the most girly candle I’ve ever seen.

Quality-wise, it’s great. I like really strong candles which will create a noticeable smell in the room, and boy, this delivered. I went out for about an hour, and when I got back, our entire flat smelled of peachy goodness (and our room is right at the back). So that’s a definite plus. As for how long it will last, I don’t yet know, but it’s been burning for at least 2 hours now and looks no different from when I first lit it. The three wicks make it burn evenly, which will make it so much easier to light when it’s burned further down, and just makes it look a lot neater.

It cost $22.50, which translates as £13.68. For a long-lasting, strong smelling candle, I think that’s a pretty reasonable price to pay. All round, a winner. So if you live in the US or are going over for a visit I would definitely recommend picking up as many of these smellies as you can. For now, I’ll just have to wait until someone I know hops over the pond before I can get my hands on some more!


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